NOA+ Self Management Plans

Requires 1 Year Service Agreement + Setup Costs of $300 per store.
If the store is fully automated and has no manager onsite, calls rollover instantly (no upcharge). Pricing for the Self Management plans are quoted after initial consultation.

For any needs involving onsite personnel (either visiting or stationed),
please see our Remote or Full Service Management plans by clicking here.
<200 Units
per month /store

Storage Sites + Revenue Pro + Call Connect Rollover + Packed Planet Marketing + Career Evolution + Pro Oversight + NOA Essentials. All for one flat rate. 

200-500 Units
per month /store

Includes everything on the left + allows for higher traffic volume for mid-sized stores. 

>500 Units
per month /store

Includes everything on the left + allows for higher traffic volume for large-sized stores.

HUB Manager
+ per month /store

Add our HUB Manager onto your Self Management plan. The HUB Manager performs most functions of a store manager, but remotely (such as collections and customer relations). 

What is NOA+

  • NOA was designed as a custom set of applications built on Salesforce. Developed in-house by The Nicholson Companies in 2013 initially for exclusive use by AAAA Self Storage Management Group.
  • NOA+ encompasses many of the most common features of NOA along with our third party services including NOA's custom revenue management (Revenue Pro), dynamic websites (Storage Sites), smart marketing (Packed Planet), call center (Call Connect), manager training courses (Career Evolution) and coupled with Pro Oversight of stores by our Operations, Marketing and Corporate Support departments. 
  • NOA+ Self Management was developed with the concept of servicing the many self storage operators who are looking for the competitive advantages of the larger operators while maintaining their independence. 
  • The Nicholson Companies is based in Norfolk, VA, established in 1973 and operates the AAAA Self Storage Management Group.


Third Party Management enables a management company to manage all aspects of your business while the owner essentially collects the profits. Self Management allows the owner to maintain control of their store while still enjoying many of the benefits of a large management company.

We have a simple 1 year agreement and there are setup costs of $300 per store (but that exact amount may be higher based on any optional marketing services you may opt into).

Our Storage Sites and Revenue Pro features work exclusively with Sitelink. Without Sitelink, you would lose many of our exciting features such as custom rate management, QV rate management, Dynamic Specials and so much more. We suggest you contact us for a demo to discuss further.

Yes, you can continue to run your store with or without managers (NOA+ does not include Human Resources or any personnel services; if you seek HR, Staffing or other functions of Third Party Management, click here).