NOA Essentials


And Benefits of NOA+

NOA+ includes common features of NOA including Chatter (for interactive announcements), Shared Calendars, Tasks and more.  

An Owner Hub for reporting and dashboards for your store's performance. Custom reports available thru NOA Support. 

Supplemental tools to help run your store more efficiently including Store Audits, Work Orders, Customer Goods Protection claims, Cash Drawer counts, Vendor Contracts, Apartment Inspections and more. NOA is always growing.

The Benefits of a NOA+

Maintain Your Independence

Leverage the vast resources of a larger portfolio while retaining the decision making, direction and control of your store. No long term commitments or expensive startup costs. 

Customer Goods Protection

Self Storage has predominantly been "store at your own risk" but we include a more compelling risk management resource for your store's and customer's protection.

Microsoft 365 and Teams

All of our management stores utilize Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to effectively collaborate with our team and our customers. There is a small monthly fee passed thru for this subscription.

Economies of Scale

As a member of our Management Portfolio, you will have access to our larger buying power. Save on your Sitelink Web Edition fees, Merchant Processing Fees, Packing Supplies, Lead Generator fees and more.