NOA+ Career Evolution
Your Virtual Training Manager

Track and develop your managers from their job application to termination, exit interview and every milestone in between. NOA monitors their progress and keeps you informed along the way.

Train and Develop

Resource Library

NOA offers a vast library of manuals, templates, checklists and guides that pull from our 50 years of experience and expertise in the self storage industry. Most all documents and items are constructed in the manner performed by our Self Storage policies and procedures while select others may be customized upon request.

Training Courses

Managers and personnel can complete training courses in a variety of topics including: Initial Store Manager Training, Phone Sales, In-store Sales, Customer Service, Safety, Maintenance and Technology. Participants can track their progress thru the courses and complete readiness stages for advancement. 

NOA Academy

NOA Academy houses the training courses and completes the courses in a college-style environment (built on Moodle). Most courses self grade the answers while others require approvals. Reports on grades and results are available. 

From Start to Finish

Recruitment Flow

When filling a position, open a Job Req form and start the process. Using NOA's Recruitment Flow, you can track the progress of the applicant, from the interview, job offer, career training and thru to their exit. 

Career Paths

Managers start with score cards and show their journey thru their careers. Start as an Assistant Manager with the Initial Manager course, advance to Store Manager, Store Trainer or further. Scores and progress are recorded in NOA.

Exit Surveys

As your manager leaves your company, NOA will send an Exit Survey to gauge their satisfaction with your company. Results are shared with your Leadership team and used to shape your store's future working environment.